How to learn about yourself

I recently read Rene Descartes Meditations, Tim Ferris 4 hour work week and Confucious’s Analects.

Overall the resonating theme amongst the three are actions are imperative but understanding who you are is important to where you are going.


You have to know yourself. Tim advocates service work and learning such as a language to develop yourself. Rene offers deep meditation and constantly questioning what you believe and what is reality to know yourself. Confuscious states ancestral and family identity are important to know yourself. So what does this mean. Meditate and figure out where you could best offer your services to people, and what things interest you that you could learn.

Have something bigger than yourself exist. For Descartes this is God. That idea that a human can think there is an infinite source thus explains that a creator of unexplainable magnitude is truth. Confuscious also states a knowledge of Tian or heaven or worldliness is evident and that it watches and knows you no matter what. Tim’s take is if the question you are struggling with is not improving things by answering it to ignore. But I believe that ignoring this agehold question of heaven God one source only gets you halfway to knowing yourself. The universe is bigger than you and to let go and understand that you exist as well as something bigger is the conclusion to knowing yourself.

But what does this mean
Deep meditation will allow you to know more about yourself, as will the acceptance that there is a god or universe much bigger than you. Once you realize you are the director of your path and that there is something bigger than you that created you you will know yourself.

Is Steph Curry the best player in the NBA

Steph Curry

This Silky Smooth player is averaging 22.9 in his last 10 and almost 24 on the year (23.5) while shouldering the load in minutes averaging roughly 34 on the year and 35 in his last 10. Golden State is a hot team and Steph Curry is largely to credit for it. However, James Harden leads the NBA in points with 27 with Kobe an old semblance of himself trailing with his shot selection a big question.

In the day and age when the NBA seems to be defined by the 3 pointer who else better than Steph Curry to marshall the change in his quick shot (.1 seconds) and high efficiency roughly .400 on 200 shots attempted 25 games into the season. We will see with time how this fares out.

A Soldier in All

The history of time
frozen in rhyme,
grandfathers past
lost soldiers behind,
honors underwent snake serpent unwind,
blood, tears & sweat went into the cry
of duty commodarie to brothers tie,
one in front of the other they all went through,
lifes battlefield test to the next struggle onward,
in victory celebrate in tears lay somber
for all is to one & one to his men,
a solider in all

Paulo Nautini

Tense– present funk / James Brown esque

Into-lipstick woman with a shotgun of music contrast of religious girl, evil milk cured by sun of warmth turns religious

Techno -sly trumpet


Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 11.33.51 AM

Community oriented spinning in circles, his cure was climax of women with staircase music up somewhere.


So I was driving through the snow and I couldnt help but realize the beauty of the relfection of light off the pearl white that touched my eyes in every glance and way… as i sat in the car barefoot absorbing the bare highway road of the neighborhood next to wooded trees i was struck by the thought of a future conversation of past with my dad where he was perplexed at the oddity of wearing barefeetg as opposed to shows to go out into the world granted it was to a friends house less than 2 miles away all of 10 seconds spent out in the snow at a dog like gallop intot he warm house of a loving second family of first.

The still that surrounded the hills and curves up the winding road was a beautiful light of errosiion of thought.

oh what’s in a name but a name,
no words exchanged,
come & go all I know,
in this life,
be alright
many miles away,
but I’m here today
& I’ll find a way
hold hold on
my dear,
come see,
sun goes down,
riding down marshes gonna see the world fall,
many keep on wishin’ the world keeps dishin’
but then it hits me,
somebody save this town.

juh veneer

to come

i’m not sure what is to come but i will try my best to just let it flow and come from this statement and the first thing that comes to my mind is getting a job space with music and the idea of pyschis and bringing people together



ok so today i want to talk about god and faith and my mom and religion and mother nature and the interconnectiveness between all of them and the connectivity between all of them is there is no connection because its all inside.


People talk all the time about paths– are you on the right path? what is your plan? have you considered this….

up until this point i have always been extremely plan and goal oriented… with soccer it was i will be first team all state, i will be a regional all american, i will score 15 goals and have 15 assists…and i will do whatever it takes to accomplish these things and all else will fall into place…which led to me achieving most of those aside from the all american status in high school and a run off effect of happiness from inconsequential events and maybe also people being touched along the way from that work ethic but is that how all life is supposed to be lived? rigid compartmental goals from one stage of the life to the next?

many of my professors at richmond’s business school and guest lecturers from stanford and even many entrepeneurs i have met in silicon valley and other parts over the years would argue yes, it is the only way to live and keeps you mind sharp and in a ‘dog eat dog’ world you always have be one step ahead in drive and hunger at the least…

but what of those that don’t think in terms of wins and losses but merely float from one activity to the next, or worse (in my eyes) don’t think of life as a series of activities but one giant hodgepodge of nihilistic situations without a flow or congruency but merely ‘there’…this is i think how existentialism was born in the idea that ‘what exists’ oohh who cares type attidude..but having that attidude is thus a belief and a belief creates the power of action…

so how do you decide what the best action you can take is that will ultimately lead you to a happy life? happinesness in terms of whatever it means to you…earning a substantial living, having a meaningful relationship with a man or woman…having many relationships with men & women (if you know what i mean), leaving behind a legacy that others drop their jaws at in envy of wanting to achieve, being remembered behind the closed doors of a room for a mission you completed to the highest standard of exellency…the list can go on and on and on..but to me reoccuring themese embody money, fame, recognition, family and friends…so how does one possibly ‘maximize’ those things in a lifetime…?


just pardon me my friend,
we’ll be together in the end
no believing no lies
all time,
comes in a box,
knots & knots no locks,
my scene
chorus (uh uhuhhh uh uh uhuahuh
uh uhuhh uh uh uhuahuh
wakin’ up all day,
to come,
just me & you
coming to life
no sun,
all right.

To be silly

To be silly

Ok so what iw as saying um today what im going to talk about is dreams and my dreams and where I want to be um and I was just working on a bucket list and what I put is I want to play um music in front of 1000 people and it hink that will be like a stadium and im right now im looking at a picture um from the auburn game when they beat alabama and it says ‘breathe in the chaos’ and its sort of in my room and it’s a refelction I think of everything id eal with in day to day life and a lot of distractions and ideas of what to do and my own um like perceptions of what it hink I shoudlbe doing and what like others my parents think I should be doing what the community thinks I should be doing what my university (the university of richmond) where I graduated thinks I should be doing UR um and the list goes on and on and on and music and singing cuts through a lot of that including my self and allows me to just be get as close as possible to self expression, voice, god, whatever you want to call it and be in that that moment tiii be silly..

Back & Forth

Back & Forth

I’m wondering what to write about.. and how do I guess.. formulate my interest so I’m not thinking about what others think or what I think but to really let my voice shine through them both cutting through the feelings that I create for both from what others think about me to what I think about myself.

I guess those are two in the same.. as I’m speaking this.. because I think when I write I can sort of force things out that I think either I want to hear or that I think other people (want to hear)…It will be interesting to see how this turns out..because I’m doing it.. (recording via siri) just stopped..but thats not important and a voice in the back of my head just triggered in letting me know it was unimportant.

I think a lot of people including myself confuse this voice for a God when I think, believe it is a subconscious that a deep thing inside of you ultimately steering you and I think when you write or draw a line in the pen or pencil it isn’t as free flowing as I think singing is which I think is one of the freest flowing spiritual path experiences although I’m not sure if that is the right word but it probably is getting you in closest together to touching with not only yourself and those in the room around you not even just humans but the energy in the room that some people say are spirits or ghosts even which I’m not sure I believe in but my voice in my head and it’s first initial reaction is no and another thought is does everything happen for a reason encountering in my head and going back and forth on that.. I think to a certain extent people make their own path but then on the other hand doors open for you that are unexpected…