How to learn about yourself

I recently read Rene Descartes Meditations, Tim Ferris 4 hour work week and Confucious’s Analects.

Overall the resonating theme amongst the three are actions are imperative but understanding who you are is important to where you are going.


You have to know yourself. Tim advocates service work and learning such as a language to develop yourself. Rene offers deep meditation and constantly questioning what you believe and what is reality to know yourself. Confuscious states ancestral and family identity are important to know yourself. So what does this mean. Meditate and figure out where you could best offer your services to people, and what things interest you that you could learn.

Have something bigger than yourself exist. For Descartes this is God. That idea that a human can think there is an infinite source thus explains that a creator of unexplainable magnitude is truth. Confuscious also states a knowledge of Tian or heaven or worldliness is evident and that it watches and knows you no matter what. Tim’s take is if the question you are struggling with is not improving things by answering it to ignore. But I believe that ignoring this agehold question of heaven God one source only gets you halfway to knowing yourself. The universe is bigger than you and to let go and understand that you exist as well as something bigger is the conclusion to knowing yourself.

But what does this mean
Deep meditation will allow you to know more about yourself, as will the acceptance that there is a god or universe much bigger than you. Once you realize you are the director of your path and that there is something bigger than you that created you you will know yourself.

Is Steph Curry the best player in the NBA

Steph Curry

This Silky Smooth player is averaging 22.9 in his last 10 and almost 24 on the year (23.5) while shouldering the load in minutes averaging roughly 34 on the year and 35 in his last 10. Golden State is a hot team and Steph Curry is largely to credit for it. However, James Harden leads the NBA in points with 27 with Kobe an old semblance of himself trailing with his shot selection a big question.

In the day and age when the NBA seems to be defined by the 3 pointer who else better than Steph Curry to marshall the change in his quick shot (.1 seconds) and high efficiency roughly .400 on 200 shots attempted 25 games into the season. We will see with time how this fares out.

A Soldier in All

The history of time
frozen in rhyme,
grandfathers past
lost soldiers behind,
honors underwent snake serpent unwind,
blood, tears & sweat went into the cry
of duty commodarie to brothers tie,
one in front of the other they all went through,
lifes battlefield test to the next struggle onward,
in victory celebrate in tears lay somber
for all is to one & one to his men,
a solider in all

Paulo Nautini

Tense– present funk / James Brown esque

Into-lipstick woman with a shotgun of music contrast of religious girl, evil milk cured by sun of warmth turns religious

Techno -sly trumpet


Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 11.33.51 AM

Community oriented spinning in circles, his cure was climax of women with staircase music up somewhere.