A Soldier in All

The history of time
frozen in rhyme,
grandfathers past
lost soldiers behind,
honors underwent snake serpent unwind,
blood, tears & sweat went into the cry
of duty commodarie to brothers tie,
one in front of the other they all went through,
lifes battlefield test to the next struggle onward,
in victory celebrate in tears lay somber
for all is to one & one to his men,
a solider in all

Paulo Nautini

Tense– present funk / James Brown esque

Into-lipstick woman with a shotgun of music contrast of religious girl, evil milk cured by sun of warmth turns religious

Techno -sly trumpet


Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 11.33.51 AM

Community oriented spinning in circles, his cure was climax of women with staircase music up somewhere.


So I was driving through the snow and I couldnt help but realize the beauty of the relfection of light off the pearl white that touched my eyes in every glance and way… as i sat in the car barefoot absorbing the bare highway road of the neighborhood next to wooded trees i was struck by the thought of a future conversation of past with my dad where he was perplexed at the oddity of wearing barefeetg as opposed to shows to go out into the world granted it was to a friends house less than 2 miles away all of 10 seconds spent out in the snow at a dog like gallop intot he warm house of a loving second family of first.

The still that surrounded the hills and curves up the winding road was a beautiful light of errosiion of thought.